Four Signs of Unhealthy Gut


The stressful and unbalanced life that we have started living is not just taking a toll on our mental health but is also damaging our gut microbiome. Other than stress, eating processed food, taking frequent antibiotics, sleeping too little, and increase the amount of sugar intake can also lead to issues related to the gut.

Lifestyle changed and taking the best supplements for gut health to feel better is a good place to start. Other than supplements, you can improve gut health by increasing the number of diverse foods you eat. Also, don’t forget to add fermented food, vegetables, fruits, and prebiotic food to your diet.

If you feel like you don’t have to think that much about your gut health as everything is under control, we want you to read the signs of an unhealthy gut. And if you can relate to any of these signs, you should start taking things seriously.

Upset Stomach& Digestion: If your stomach is upset, you might feel like you’re bloated, have irregular stool, feel heavy, etc. If this happens, do not ignore the signs.

Unintentional Weight Change: If you are gaining or losing weight without following any diet plan, this means that your gut needs help.

Bad Mood and Lack of Focus: If your gut is not happy, you are not happy! Serotonin, the happiness hormone, is products in the gut.

Food Intolerance: If you are having poor quality of bacteria in your gut, this might lead to food intolerance.

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